Hair follicle tests or hair drug testing is rapidly becoming the go-to drug tests for many institutions. That’s because they are very difficult to cheat and impossible to fake. Furthermore, it can be taken at any time without delays or privacy issues and will take only three days to return results.

It can also demonstrate the history of substance use as well as approximate when the heavy use occurred. When you ingest drugs, they move into the hair follicles through the bloodstream. Every follicle then grows out into the hair shaft. Hence, if you’re an infrequent user, only specific segments of the hair shaft will have traces of the drug.

Moreover, it can be used to detect multiple uses including but not limited to heroin, cocaine, PCP, LSD, marijuana, nicotine, barbiturates, and even alcohol.

How Can I Pass A Hair Drug Test?

As mentioned earlier, passing the hair follicle drug test can be notoriously difficult. However, there are different methods people use to face the issue.

Shaving off the head?—Wrong! Some individuals might believe that by shaving the hair, the testers will lack samples to collect. Well, the technicians can simply pluck a hair out from other parts of the body. The testers can fail you for avoidance and you might just get into more trouble later on.

Abstaining for 110 days? Abstinence still works best and not using the drugs for over 100 days can eliminate their traces in the hair naturally. The only challenge is no organization, company, military, or sports league will give out notices of drug tests a hundred days in advance.

How About Doing A Hair Follicle Detox? There is a super easy way of passing a hair follicle drug test—using a detox shampoo to wash out the toxins in your hair. I will take the liberty of showing you exactly how to pass a hair follicle drug test with the best detox shampoo.

Old Style Aloe Rid is top rated and is the easiest way to remove toxins from the hair strands for best drug test results. The Old Style Aloe Rid has conditioning agents and moisturizers that detangles the hair and restore its natural luster. So, it doesn’t remove the metabolites by stripping off the hair natural oils.

How to use the Old Style Aloe Rid

To use it, start using the shampoo immediately after getting the drug test notice. The total usage should be about 15 times before the test and therefore you can take 3 to 4 showers a day. Ensure that you lather the hair with a generous amount and allow it to stay for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. For the method to work effectively, you will be required on the testing day to use the Aloe Rid shampoo to ensure that you will get the most out of it in order to pass.

Where to buy Old Style Aloe Rid?

It is crucial that you stick to the old style as the new one does not work and can screw everything up. Also, buy the product on TestClear as it is the only site still carrying the old style. The product is in limited supply and is a little bit expensive, but wouldn’t you rather get a promotion, keep your job, or stay in the sports league?